In a few days, the giant OMV Petrom, more precisely some tricksters from the management of the corporation, are preparing to slam one of the most important tenders of the company: “Purchase of Services for Industrial Cleaning of technological installations, sewage systems, Decontamination/Remediation, and Collection , Transport, Treatment, Recovery, Final Disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste”.

The auction is ultra-niche, of enormous importance from an operational point of view, but also juicy: whoever wins gets a good 20 million euros, maybe even more, because such a contract always has “collaterals”.

It’s an auction expected especially by a “discreet businessman”, as the scandal tabloids like to sell themselves: Connie Varvara, alleged millionaire of Dorobanti.

Bucharest is swarming with Transylvanian swindlers who seek to steal money from the state or the big multinationals. One of them is this “Albanian” (n.r. – born in Albă county) named Cornel Varvara, who owns the company UNI Recycling SRL, an apartment company that deals with soil decontamination and ecological restoration of lands polluted with petroleum substances. Over the years, Cornel Varvara, who likes to call himself “Connie” (because the approach is more Monegasque than the provincial Cornel), strangely stuck to all the combinations in the field regardless of his associations: he took cheese from OMV Petrom, for sludge processing and waste water disposal, was the company that collected money from the work undertaken to unload the Flaminia ship.

So, in his own way, “Connie” thinks he is very cunning and is very sure of himself. When he appears in the mainstream press, he likes to be called “the mysterious millionaire Connie Varvara”, muahahaha, it’s just that we don’t know where his millions could come from, because they seem like a coffee shop marketing dummy, while the society he it leads poorly to revenue: as you can see, in some years, it didn’t make a single penny.

Although he does not have the proper equipment, financial scope, Connie Varvara has a hyena ambition and “back”. Exactly last year, we revealed how Connie Varvara went hunting for another greening contract, this time under the auspices of Rompetrol::

As I told you, the auction organized by OMV Petrom is of colossal importance, because the decontamination operations of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, if done unprofessionally, can have a devastating impact on the environment.


From the information we have, the auction is organized apparently transparently, but it is “guided” in such a way that Connie Varvara’s apartment company Uni Recycling is named the winner.

I got my hands on the auction book and inside it there are some “signs” that the auction will not be fair but will be rigged. Which is worrying for such a rich company like OMV Petrom and let me tell you why.

Few people know that, inside companies that exceed one billion euros in turnover, a “counter-intelligence” department is created almost instantly, but discreetly, and it’s not a bank! The giants of the world even hire companies specialized in the protection against economic espionage, specialized in detecting any possible internal fraud or corrupt manifestations. In all these companies, apart from the CEO and the board members, the most exposed to corruption are the heads of the Buying departments or those who organize niche tenders for special services.

In fact, OMV used economic espionage, but to spy on others. I may be a less important Romanian journalist, but I have a very good memory. Do you still remember?

How is it possible for a company of the stature of OMV Petrom to accept that a specification is sewn with white thread? Where are the company’s standards of integrity and ethics?

Did OMV Petrom Romania forget the incredible scandal that rocked ROMPETROL Romania in November 2018, when DIICOT prosecutors “roasted” an organized criminal group that engaged in high-ranking tax evasion, a group led by Dmitriy Grigoryev (former vice-president and Chief Financial Officer of Rompetrol Group ), in the file being heard as a suspect and Cristi Borcea (son of Marius Vizer, close to Putin, president of the International Judo Federation) – n.r.) who at that time paid half a million euros bail to be placed under judicial control . You will see below why it is important to mention Marius Vizer, one of the most discreet Romanian millionaires, supported at the head of the International Judo Federation by Vladimir Putin himself, the president of Russia and the criminal who started the war in Ukraine.

For similar facts, Rompetrol took it to task

As an investigative journalist, I warned last year about the connections that Varvara bragged about in the cafes of Bucharest that she had directly with top management, that is, with Alexey Golovin – Chief Officer Legal And Corporate Affairs, KMG International. Golovin had spoken to Kenes Rakhisev, one of the most influential and wealthy people in Kazakhstan, who in turn was asked to support Varvara’s project by Marius Vizer, Putin’s friend, who has connections at the highest level with the Kazakh elite.

What were the consequences of my journalistic investigation last year about the mess at Rompetrol vis-à-vis the decontamination at Vega? Some nasty ones.

The DIICOT prosecutors have sent to court the file regarding the greening of oil residue tanks owned by the Vega Refinery in Ploiesti. Five people, including representatives of Rompetrol, were referred to justice.

I am proud as a journalist that I had the flair to write about this theft well in advance. Time proved I was right.

The OMV Petrom decontamination tender, much like the Rompetrol frauds

A key element, absolutely shocking for the economic scope of OMV Petrom, is the perverse inclusion of a criterion that would make even Connie Varvara and his company, Uni Recycling SRL, “legitimate” for the tender: OMV Petrom accepts that the future winner can subcontract not less than 70 percent of the contract!

Hahaha, something more like the scams made by the Romanian State, where apartment companies that don’t have any bulldozers win, and then they are “small” subcontractors with a technical base! Are these the “standards” of OMV Petrom?

This is a very important contract, we are discussing hazardous waste generated by the refinery, you must be able to respond immediately in case of emergencies!

With many subcontractors, as expected if Uni Recycling wins, you have no control over either execution or waste traceability.
It is worth saying that, until the recent past, OMV Petrom did NOT allow a degree of subcontracting higher than 30% in any framework contract.

In the qualification criteria, a flat company like Uni Recycling is allowed to cover itself with the similar experience of subcontractors, which is unprecedented, as this has never been allowed before in the big tenders organized by OMV Petrom.

Uni Recycling is a small company, it can’t cover all the works, it doesn’t even have the necessary equipment, but it has friends inside OMV Petrom who included another perverse criterion that those who don’t meet will be disqualified.

The three-phase centrifugation of oil sludge with the recovery of the oily fraction is a scheme designed to give OMV Petrom the possibility to technically disqualify bidders who do not own a three-phase centrifuge and a steam generator. I mean everyone. Apart from Uni Recycling, which has.

Put simply, three-phase centrifugation involves separating the waste material, the waste, in a centrifuge that separates the waste into three components – sludge, waste water and a finished product – crude oil, about 2 percent of the total.

Why is the claim in the specifications of OMV Petrom ridiculous? Because all the operating costs for three-phase centrifugation are so high that it doesn’t pay to do the centrifugation. Its goal would be to recover 2 percent oil from the waste, but the costs are very high and not worth the effort for the 2 percent.

The inclusion of this decisive technical criterion is done coolly so that there is a reason to exclude some from the auction in favor of Connie Varvara.

But the saddest thing is that inside OMV Petrom Romania a gang of top profiteers has been created who are about to offer this contract to a proxy, Cornel Varvara, sent forward by Marius Vizer, the president of the International Judo Federation, a Romanian discreetly who is very close to Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, the man who started the war in Ukraine in which tens of thousands of people died – many innocent children, and millions of Ukrainians fled their country.

Isn’t it sadistic to know that OMV Petrom Romania is full of morally corrupt employees, and not only that? In the image below, Varvara poses at the Judo World Championships in Baku with her master, Marius Vizer, Putin’s friend.

Putin has always “endorsed” Vizer in the last 15 years, participating in sports events organized by the IJF and always posing together.

But isn’t it even more sadistic and sadder to see that OMV Petrom Romania reeks of hypocrisy, on the one hand donating one million euros to Ukrainian refugees, on the other, preparing to put a 20 million euro auction on their plate of euro “arrows” Varvara Cornel, the proxy of a close relative of the criminal Putin?

But that’s not all. Strict Secret, the bravest investigation site in Romania at the moment, unearths another skeleton from the corporation’s “closet” today. It’s not just any skeleton, but one that OMV Petrom is trying to keep hidden from public opinion with unprecedented violence and ambition.

The scandal of the OMV-Petrom escape, killed by the corporation

OMV Petrom is the largest company in Romania, both in terms of turnover and profit. In the last 10 years, OMV Petrom SA brought home, i.e. to Vienna, more than 5 billion euros in profit and generated around 36.5 billion euros in turnover.

OMV Petrom is a strong company and strongly anchored in Romania’s political realities. Virgil Popescu, the current Minister of Energy, is the slave of OMV Petrom, because the giant does not allow legislative or governmental “slippages” to spoil its profits.

But not everyone can be bought by the oil giant. Before the big story, let’s tell you a small but equally important story.

The 2016-2020 Legislature mandated by vote the activity of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate regarding the activity of the National Energy Regulatory Authority.

As you can see, the commission also included some heavy names who are in the Government today: Bode is the Minister of the Interior, Virgil Popescu is the Minister of Energy today, Tanzcos Barna is the Minister of the Environment today.

More important, however, is the head of the Commission, the PSD deputy at the time, Iulian Iancu, considered an authority in the field, anyway, a very respected guy.

This commission was conducted in person with live recordings. Throughout her activity, various people were invited to express their point of view: Energy specialists, trade unionists, companies in the field.

The commission of inquiry may invite any person who may have knowledge of a fact or a circumstance of a nature to serve to find out the truth in the case that forms the object of the commission’s activity.

But what was the purpose of the Commission, Romanian brothers?

We were to find out, but no one expected such a nuke.

Dumitru Costin, the president of the National Trade Union Bloc (BNS), was also invited on November 9, 2017, in the framework of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the activity of ANRE, where he made a nuclear noise saying that “OMV Petrom” had damaged the Romanian state with 7 billion lei , according to checks made by the Court of Accounts, but the money has not been recovered from 2015 until now.

OMV Petrom, accused of evasive practices

Dumitru Costin, head of the National Trade Union Bloc (BNS), presented to the Commission of Inquiry into ANRE’s activity a document that was also submitted to the Government of Romania, respectively to the General Secretariat of the Government, for the attention of the Prime Minister at the time, in which Costin says that, at OMV address, received documents from the Romanian state authorities that are or were at various stages in an investigation procedure of evasive behavior in the case of salary payment, in the case of VAT, of formula modification and correct non-payment of the royalty which, from the data presented, amount to over one billion euros, data supported as a result of the report made by the Court of Accounts.

Moreover, Costin spoke, and remember this nuance, he spoke about the increase in prices by OMV Petrom in the budgets regarding the decontamination of the soil at the wells in the relationship with the Ministry of the Environment, as well as the non-registration of assets, land, buildings and implicitly the damage to the Romanian state . From the data presented then by his lordship, it reached 7 billion lei.

So this is what the Special Parliamentary Commission was investigating: if and how OMV Petrom ended up deceiving the Romanian State with a dizzying amount.

Christina Verchere, CEO of OMVPetrom

Exclusive Strict Secret: Dumitru Costin’s documents about OMV Petrom

Trade unionist Dumitru Costin knew what he was talking about and, above all, what documents he had in hand. He had, for example, the report of the Court of Accounts, which found these “evasive practices” on the part of OMV Petrom. That’s why Dumitru Costin dares to write to the then prime minister, Mihai Tudose.

Nea Mișu Tudose, as we know him, is great on Facebook, but he couldn’t connect with OMV Petrom, because he didn’t get the green light from the service bosses.

What Costin signaled was very foul-smelling, almost like a corporate residue and needed a serious cleaning by the State’s force institutions. Hahaha, sorry for being ironic. The institutions of the Romanian State are privatized by the big corporations.

In this sense, we point out the lack of involvement in solving cases such as that of the OMV Petrom company. According to the official documents issued by the Court of Accounts of Romania, ANRM, the Environmental Guard, they prove a strange lack of reaction of the state institutions that should have recovered sums exceeding 7 (seven) billion lei, despite the fact that, for example, The Court of Accounts of Romania insisted through several addresses submitted to ANAF and the Ministry of Public Finance since November 2015 and until now.
It is also suspicious how ANRM did not carry out the measures ordered by the Court of Accounts in that case. Our suspicions are also based on the fact that ANRM is directly coordinated by the General Secretariat of the Government and, coincidentally or not, the current and former Secretary General of the Government represent the interests of the Romanian state in the Supervisory Board of OMV Petrom”, Dumitru Costin wrote to Prime Minister Mihai Tudose .


Mișu Busuioc, guardian of the black sheep of corporations

Holy shit! Virgil Popescu was not the only slave of the OMV Petrom corporation! The oil giant also had Mihai Busuioc at its feet, because it was about him in Costin’s address. He was the one who represented the interests of the Romanian state in the Supervisory Board of OMV Petrom!

You know what happened to Misu Basil, right? The head of the Romanian Court of Accounts, ahahaha, until now there will be no more unfavorable report on OMV Petrom or any request to ANAF for money recovery!

Aceste documente nu au mai văzut lumina soarelui din 2017:


Commission of Inquiry report is dead, have a nice holiday!

However, as the shit spread and the then president of the Commission, Iulian Iancu, was mega determined to bring OMV Petrom before the Law, the billionaires from OMV Petrom Romania also started to set their tools and influences in motion.

The most handy file was their slave, deputy Virgil Popescu, the penelist who was then just a member of the Commission, and today he is the Minister of Energy.

Instantly a defamation campaign started in the press paid by OMV Petrom against Iulian Iancu and which culminated in Virgil Popescu’s shocking request to the Parliament to replace Iulian Iancu from the presidency of the Commission, because he was attacking OMV Petrom too much and it was not nice , comrades!


On November 24, 2017, the national paid media shouted in chorus:

“The executive office of the PNL decided, this week, to ask the two Chambers of the Parliament for the withdrawal of Iulian Iancu from the presidency of the Commission of Inquiry into the activity of ANRE (National Energy Regulatory Authority), PNL MP Virgil Popescu told us , member of the Commission, noting that the PNL notification will be submitted next week.

His Highness explained to us: “I don’t think Iulian Iancu can remain at the head of the Commission of Inquiry.”

And OMV Petrom pushed hard on the communication side.

The company’s press statement at the time stated: “We cannot fail to note that, more and more, the activity of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into ANRE’s activity creates space for denigrating and accusing the OMV Petrom company, moving away from the objectives established by the Parliament. The company is listed on the Bucharest and London stock exchanges, with local and international investors, and such unfounded accusations can harm both the company and its shareholders, including the Romanian state”.

In other European countries, when you are called to the Commission of Inquiry of the parliament, it is a serious problem, no one dares to question the intentions of the members of the commission. In Romania, OMV Petrom dared, because it knew what it was relying on. Go see why.

The commission of inquiry since then submitted the Final Report on May 30, 2018. After the parliamentary vacation, it had to be put on the agenda of the Reunited Permanent Bureau, not for nothing, but to see what the parliament, as well as public opinion, have the members of the Commission of Inquiry worked, that they were only paid from public money.

Între timp, OMV Petrom se preface că îi pasă de România prin programe ipocrite de responsabilitate socială


Why the 2018 Commission of Inquiry Report MUST be discussed today and as soon as possible

Hahahaha, you naive people, do you think that the Report of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry concerning the possible evasive practices of OMV Petrom has reached the agenda of the Reunited Permanent Bureau? Hahahaha, OMV Petrom took care of this, because throughout the summer, the corporate perverse lobby reached Liviu Dragnea, the then president of the Chamber of Deputies, who no longer had “interest” in checking the Report.

Note: if the alleged evasive habits of OMV Petrom continued, it means that OMV Petrom should pay today not 7 billion lei, as it was in 2017, but somewhere around 14 billion, i.e. about 2.5 billion euros.

That is why it is essential to recover that Report and put it on the agenda in the current legislature.

For several reasons.

The first is that we as a State are interested in knowing whether the largest company operating in Romania has stolen so much money from us.

The second consideration is that just last year a Parliamentary Commission was established to determine the causes of the substantial increase in the prices of natural gas and electricity. Who still believes in her?

Especially since two great actors of the old commission hold very important positions today: Popescu is the Minister of Energy, and Iancu, in a stroke of theatre, became the head of ANRE – the National Energy Regulatory Authority. That is, we need to know if it still makes sense to make such Commissions of Inquiry, since their reports can be easily scattered and thrown into oblivion.

Also as a separate note, Iulian Iancu became the head of ANRE with great difficulty, because the media propaganda indirectly paid by OMV Petrom attacked him relentlessly for weeks, until Iancu was appointed. With Iancu at ANRE, OMV Petrom is not sleeping well at all. How was it possible to appoint Iancu to ANRE, while OMV Petrom almost owns the Energy portfolio, through its slave, who became minister, Virgil Popescu?

Only the stubbornness of Marcel Ciolacu, head of the PSD, to support Iancu and, probably, the fact that some heavyweights in the System got involved so that Romania would not be entirely the prostitute of the Austrians. Otherwise, it is not explained.

Finally, the third consideration for which the report must be put on the Agenda is that (if it will not be put even after this press article, it is very clear to us why), it is the idea that Romania must not accept that the economic giants and corporations to “alter” governments or parliaments with their influence and money.

PS: I have also sent this journalistic investigation translated into English to OMV, the parent company, for information and a point of view.

Not another, but I read on the website of OMV Petrom Romania something about ethics and corruption…